Frequently Asked


JAG points will not expire as long as you keep logging into your account. JAG points will only expire 1 year after your last login time, and JAG points cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Demo missions are intended for new members to play around and learn about JAG. Future activities will be 100 points. Stay tuned!

With the purpose of giving a fair chance for all members to participate activities, each member can only participate one activity a day. This limit refreshes after 12am each day.

Since each activity has its own specific target audience, only targeted members will be able to participate. Targeted members will be notified by email or mobile app push message. JAG promises to work hard to find different varieties of activities so that everyone will have a chance to participate and earn JAG points.

There is a quota for every activity. Once quota is full, you’ll no longer be able to participate. We encourage members to pay close attention to emails and mobile app push messages from JAG so that you won’t miss any opportunities to earn JAG points.

Each promotional activity, survey, competition or lucky draw has its own specific target audience based on client's needs. That is why it is extremely important to provide true and correct personal information when you register to improve your chances of receiving relevant activities. If you are eligible for an activity, we will notify you via email or mobile app push message.

We don't charge anything for mailing. So if you're using 1000 JAG points to redeem a gift card, mailing is included as well.

Gift cards and cash vouchers will be mailed directly to the address you enter when you redeem and you should get it within 30 days. To ensure you get your reward on time, it is critical for you to provide the correct mailing address.

Any leftover JAG points after redemption will continue to stay in your account. You can continue earning JAG points to redeem your next reward.

JAG puts protection of members’ personal information at the highest priority and takes reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information is handled in a manner that is consistent with Malaysia's Privacy Principles. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

You can simply email us at [email protected] and we can delete your account for you. All your personal info will be deleted from our database permanently.